Our Newest Tshirts and Tshirt Dresses For Women

Our Newest T-shirts and T-shirt Dresses For Women making This Hot Summer even Hotter with Exclusive Styles that you'll find only at Davita's Son Apparel. Making sure you look good and feel good while facing life out there on the streets.


I Am Who I Am

Never be apologetic for you you are

you were Created by GOD


Summer T-shirts for women


Mommy I Want Pony Tails Crop Hoodie

Look cute as cute as you want to in this stylish and comfortable

crop Long Sleeve Hoodie


Strong Fearless BEYOUTIFUL

The strength of a black women is unparalleled

Always remember to take pride in your strength and always

have the courage to be yourself.

You Are Beautiful


Secret Obsession


Lady Boss

Sexy and A Boss

This comfortable stylish T-shirt Dress is a must have for the summer even if pink is not you color you must admit it's cute!!!


Love Is Fearless T-shirt Dress

Such A True Statement

You can't love and be in fear of love


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Greatest Gift You Could Give Is Love

Love is undeniably the best gift that you could give anyone

It takes up to much energy to hate love is easy

comfortable t-shirts for women


I Am Woman

Encouraging and True Words Statement T-shirt

For Women I Am Woman


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