How Do I Get My Ex Back In My Life

How Do I Get My Ex Back In My Life?

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked that question. how do I get my ex back in my life?

The first question I ask them is How and why did you break up in the first place? Some relationships just aren't meant to be. See we have the tendency to try to hold on to people that don't belong in our lives.

  • Codependency

  • Abusive Relationships

  • One Sided (you love him/her however they only love you for what you do for them and what you provide them with.)

  • Staying with someone out of fear of not being able to find nobody else.

Off the top of my head those are the types of relationships that my friends and people around me have. Toxic relationships, Most of the couples around shouldn't be together anyway. Not to name

names or call anybody out I'll just refer to them as Couple A. The codependency couple

They argued, put each other down, cheated on each other. They even tried to be in Polyamorous Relationship due to one clever Transsexual whom wanted her man knew that although he wasn't gay she'd captured his interest and curiosity. Talked them in to trying a Polyamorous Relationship. Of course it was disastrous assume most of those types of relationships are for the same reason this one was.

How Do I Get My Ex Back In My Life?

First of all ladies never imvite a gay man into your relationship. Reasons why 9 times out of 10 he knows how to please your man better than you can. No offense it's just a well known and true fact. A man knows how a man wants to feel because they are a man and know how they want to feel. This goes the same for a woman.

During their intimate sessions eventually the boyfriend and the Transsexual would end up spending most of the time together leaving her just in the bed watching them get it on. After awhile they just started meeting up without her. However her hold on the that man was much stronger than the Transsexuals; even though she was opening him up to a whole new world and he was enjoying his visit and new experiences. Their Polyamorous Relationship was over soon as she proved to be no longer happy with it.

I'm not going to dig deeper into their relationship I'm using them as example, but I will finish off by telling you this. Their no longer together now after losing their first and only child to adoption after being taken from them creating a toxic environment for their child. They finally broke up. She's not mentally stable now never really has been and he's suffered two Breakdowns, spent time in jail and a Mental Hospital. He's still not doing well and she talks about is wanting him back.

They were toxic together, but couldn't let go of another until the worst thing happened they lost their child. Still when I see her today the first thing she asks me about is How To Get My Ex Back In My Life? Working on getting their child back? Don't wait until you destroy each other and possibly an innocent child before you have enough sense to let go of someone you know you shouldn't be with.

Couple B Abusive Relationship: I'm just going to use myself as an example. I knew a couple of people that were in Abusive Relationships, but I'd never would have thought I'd be in one myself. Hell, I thought they were crazy. There's no way in the world I was about to tolerate a man beating on me or so I thought.

I found out how easily you could find yourself caught up in that situation. He jumped up and slapped the shit out of me. I curled up in a ball I probably could have taken him, but I didn't want to hurt him. Meanwhile he was hurting me what the hell was I thinking.

Allowed him to jump on me a couple of more times before we parted ways for good. I wish I could tell you that it was on my strength I walked away, but to tell you the truth. My encounter happened in jail. Yes, we were locked up together.

One night he hit me so hard he cracked a Rib in my upper chest it hurt to breathe for months. I didn't even say anything to the guard when they came to see what was wrong with me.

I was rescued from my Abusive Relationship because he was released a day before. Thank GOD, we didn't live in the same town together and at the time neither one of had a car. I hate to think how it could have turned out if things were different.

I said all of this to say this some exes are exes for a reason and should stay in your past. That's our problem we're always trying to hold on someone we should have let go long time ago and probably shouldn't have been with in the first place.

How Do I Get My Ex Back In My Life?

Get My Ex Back

Abusive Relationships

Codependency Couple

Getting Him or Her Back

Hopefully these books on How Do I Get My Ex Back In My Life? Helps you get that special person back in your life only if it's meant to be. If your relationship was like any of the above or worse than your questions shouldn't be How Do I Get My Ex Back In My Life? But how to move on and to know that I am worthy and deserve better in my life.

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